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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our Frequently Asked Question about passing the California 销售代理 Exam or Broker Exam, 申请人的要求, our Online Study Courses, and many questions asked by our students over the years:

Are you course approved by the Department of Real Estate?

是的, Courses that are offered strictly for preparing students to take their license examinations are not required to be approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). 然而, the DRE must approve courses that qualify individuals to take the California Real Estate “销售代理” and “Broker” License Examinations which are described by the DRE as “Statutory Courses”. 龙8国际娱乐官目前开设了9门经认证的“法定课程”, 经济学, 第三方托管, 金融, 法律事务(法律), 按揭贷款经纪, 实践, Principles and Property Management). The DRE issues approval numbers for each course. To see a list of our offered courses with photos, 完整的描述,包括批准号码,你可以点击这个链接 课程描述. 要确定一所学校是否有一门课程获得批准,可以访问DRE网站 衣服 然后查一下, 或者龙8国际娱乐官有一个链接,将带您直接到页面,您将能够 conduct a course provider search of your own. 查找以下字段…输入课程提供者名称:只需键入California School of Real Estate. 结果将显示学校信息和获得批准的课程列表.

Aren’t all schools the same? What makes your school different from the others?

你会发现大多数学校都提供类似的学习材料,并让你经历类似的学习过程, 然而, we are very confident we have the best overall program by far!

根据房地产部门的数据,国家考试的不合格率接近50%. 龙8国际娱乐官不希望龙8国际娱乐官的学生成为不及格百分比的一部分,所以了解龙8国际娱乐官的不同之处很重要……


Our family had one of the first schools, 如果不是第一个由房地产部门批准的房地产学院, 发生在1941年.

龙8国际娱乐官的主要竞争对手提供多达50个州的项目和其他领域的项目, 像评价, Contractor and Insurance licenses, 而龙8国际娱乐官完全专注于帮助人们通过他们的房地产考试(仅)

Our Head Instructor Don Schwartz has probably been teaching this longer than any other instructor in the entire field… we can only think of one other that might be in running. Our Head Instructor’s Video/DVD presentation which includes test taking hints is far superior to others and most schools don’t even offer anything on video.


The most valuable and important piece of our program. 龙8国际娱乐官的考试复习指南(用于国家考试的学习目的)是由龙8国际娱乐官的首席讲师开发的, 是谁多年来向学生汇报并研究了该领域所有与房地产考试相关的材料. Through a long a tedious process he extracted all the vocabulary and subject matter that he felt would be pertinent to the State Exam and put it into a 178-pg outline (substituted for Qualification Course textbooks totaling 1350+ pages in small print). 这使龙8国际娱乐官的学生能够准确地学习所需的知识,避免浪费时间学习不必要的信息.

No other school has something like this!

龙8国际娱乐官的闪电复习音频/CD将对龙8国际娱乐官学生的成功产生重大影响, 因为它提供了最重要的考试相关信息,可以在考试前一天或考试途中收听.


Our “One on One” Support…Is unmatched by other schools, 作为龙8国际娱乐官的首席指导老师,他可以亲自回答学生的问题,因为他们通过龙8国际娱乐官的课程.
Nobody other school offers this…


We have researched all of the competitor’s pricing structures to allow us to choose pricing on our programs that offer the most value.…

目前,龙8国际娱乐官的资格课程/教科书价格是互联网上最低的. Our 许可证准备 Programs are the lowest in comparison for the amount of materials and quality you receive in our package (possibly the lowest on the internet regardless of content). 龙8国际娱乐官的经纪人资格课程最近被降低为价格最低的课程.


生活的讲座 (What some students think they need)

自1941年龙8国际娱乐官家族开始参与房地产考试准备领域以来,以及之后的许多年, 传统的教学方法是参加8个系列的现场讲座(课). (通常在必修课程之前的3-4个月). Offering the lectures given at different times throughout the week worked to a certain degree but had many drawbacks; students often would miss classes, students would take too long to attend all the lectures and by the time they took their State Exam would forget a lot of the information taught in some of the beginning lectures, students would waste a lot of time asking questions, some non-pertinent to the information taught and many times questions that were answered by the instructor later on in the lecture, students would fall asleep in class, or not paying attention would miss a lot of the lecture, 学生重复上课的唯一方法就是在有下一堂课的时候开车回去上课. 除了, when we offered live lectures, It was much more costly for our students as we needed to hire other instructors in areas around the state to teach the classes. 去年, students always preferred to take the lectures taught by our Head Instructor “Don Schwartz” who couldn’t possibly be able to teach in all the locations and at all times.


龙8国际娱乐官继续努力寻找方法,使龙8国际娱乐官的程序更容易,提高通过率, in 1976, our family looked at a rather unique program, 他们试图在一个周末内教授整个系列讲座. 龙8国际娱乐官喜欢这个想法, but knew it was lacking some very important components that could vastly improve its outcome and went ahead and designed our own “weekend review” with those changes. We later found by doing this, 让龙8国际娱乐官的学生更好地记住课堂上教的内容, and within a few short months practically all our students switched over to the cram session and we soon discontinued the weekday sessions.

This went so well locally, 龙8国际娱乐官决定在全州范围内扩展,并开始寻找教师,寻找在这些地区教学的个人. After extensive interviews, 人们意识到,很少有人有知识来教授这样的课程, without several years of previous training. After interviewing over 100 potential instructors, we had only found three that turned out to be able to do so. But no matter how many instructors taught the classes, 学生们似乎总是想参加唐·施瓦茨的课程. 然后决定做一些其他重要的调整,包括削减时间, where now we are able to present this entire lecture session portion using a information packed 6+ hour video presentation on Video/DVD.

In recent years with the technology now available, 唐决定把他的整个准备课程放到网上,包括周末复习6+视频演示, 创造一个学生可以“随时随地”学习的环境. Then to make our study program without compare, 在学习过程中,唐会亲自回答学生的问题.

Considering the fact that these courses are not meant to prepare students for the actual State Exam and serve only as a prerequisite, we wanted to create a situation in which our students could pass these courses the easiest way possible and in the shortest period of time. 这就是为什么大多数像龙8国际娱乐官这样的学校也选择“在家学习”来完成这些课程. Very few schools today offer live classes. 龙8国际娱乐官发现只有1到2个在这些现场课程中教授资格课程材料. Ultimately students end up taking more time to complete the qualification portion of the program and worst yet the information they learn during these live sessions is not focused to the actual State Exam.

龙8国际娱乐官家族从事房地产教育业务的时间比几乎所有其他学校都要长,并且利用龙8国际娱乐官的专业知识, we recommend completing these courses as soon as possible and use a license preparation program to study information that will be more focused to the actual state exam.

Advantages to Live Lectures with other schools

  • Can ask a question or two in a class.

Advantages to 龙8国际娱乐官study and our Video Presentation

  • Since most of the information presented on the State Exam is fairly easy to understand for the average person (mostly memorization of subject matter and vocabulary). Students don’t need hands on teaching, nor does the information train you for the field, rather just used to pass the State Exam specifically.
  • 不必花时间早起,开车,花钱在汽油,食物,酒店等.
  • 可以在你方便的时候看,在你想看的地方看,在你想看的时候看,分段看.
  • Presentation is taught by the “Top Instructor in the State.”
  • Get through the program much quicker!
  • Can rewind if you miss something.
  • Can repeat lecture as often as needed. 记住国家考试中出现的大量主题和词汇是很重要的.
  • 不会像在课堂上那样打瞌睡而错过重要信息.
  • Watch when you have time to focus.
  • 在临近考试日期的时候注意,这将会给你更好的记忆.
  • Less expensive than live classes.
  • *为了克服学生在体育课上不能提问的唯一不利因素, 龙8国际娱乐官让龙8国际娱乐官的首席教练在整个课程中回答问题. Not just one or two questions, but any questions you have.


If you are currently a 销售代理, 你必须完成至少三门课程才能获得执照.

最初. 在这种情况下,这是最常见的,你需要完成5个以上的课程. 如果在此之前你曾在房地产学校或大学学习过任何课程, 或者任何时候你修过课程并有成绩单或结业证书, 然后你也可以把它们算进8门必修课.


在这种情况下,您必须在营业时间打电话给龙8国际娱乐官的办公室,自行订购课程, letting our phone reps know that you already have the textbooks and that you will have to make sure we have the courses that match with your textbooks.

Can I get something different than the 3 courses… example; what if I want 按揭贷款经纪?

其中两门课程(原理和实践是必修课),第三门课程是选修课, 因此,你可以选择任何一门课程作为第三门课程. For simplistic reasons and because we wanted to offer a course that would be more pertinent or useful to someone becoming a Real Estate 销售代理. 龙8国际娱乐官选择提供房地产法律方面的选修课,包括在龙8国际娱乐官的包.


You have up to 1-year to complete the qualification courses. After the year time period the DRE requires that we have you re-enrolled in the program and we do that for a discount of $25 per course.


The 资格课程 you can complete in as little as 2 1/2 weeks each course (x 3 courses) equaling 7 1/2 weeks total. 一旦你有资格, 你寄去国家考试的考试日期,通常需要4-6周, in which time you prepare for the State Exam, 所以你最快能完成这个项目平均大约需要3个月.

How difficult is the CA State Exam than other states?

加州的考试被认为是美国最难的考试之一. 这是为数不多的, 如果不是, 唯一的状态, 不使用外包测试服务来处理他们的状态测试. California writes its own exams and for years been considered the most difficult as most exams test on your knowledge of subject matter and vocabulary only…whereas California, is also known for having been written to throw off students. 这就导致学生必须非常仔细地阅读问题和答案, 因为误读一个单词会对选择正确答案产生影响, 所以除了是一个主题测试,它也是一个阅读测试, making it doubly difficult than other state exams.

Do you have to be a resident of CA to start?

You can study from anywhere and take the state test. 参加销售代理考试的人不需要是当地居民, 但是,参加经纪人考试的人必须有居住地址.

Is a High School diploma needed to take the State Exam?



其他国家的法律可能和龙8国际娱乐官的很不一样,所以我不太确定, 但可以肯定的是, they will use the (working) experience from any other state.

Can I order the program for someone else? I want to pay for a friend, family member, 等. but list them as the student.

一个人可以为另一个人订购和支付龙8国际娱乐官的任何节目. If someone else is paying, 龙8国际娱乐官需要确保为将要被指定为“学生”的人提供所有的基本信息。. 这可以通过直接打电话给学校下订单或在网上下订单来完成, immediately call the school to inform us of the situation.

How fast can I get the sales license in my hands?

You can get a license in as little as 3-4 months. 具体时间框架以完成三门必修课程(房地产原理)为基础, 实践 and an elective course), which can be completed in a minimum of 7-1/2 weeks. After applying for a testing date, 在你参加国家考试之前,通常需要额外的4到6周的时间.

我和我的配偶都想参加你们的项目. Can we share the materials?

绝对! You may share all the preparation materials. 然而, 你们每个人都需要分别完成题为房地产原则的先决条件课程, 实践 and an elective course. The Department of Real Estate requires the proof of completion of these courses in order to apply for and receive a testing date for the State Exam.


加州的考点目前位于萨克拉门托, 奥克兰, 夫勒斯诺市, La Palma (LA/Orange County Area) and San Diego. Tests are usually given 2-3 days out of each week.


销售代理许可证将允许你在房地产领域从事代理工作. 您的许可证必须放置在经纪人处才能生效. 经纪人的执照将允许你独立工作并代表你自己进行交易. 它还可以让你开设一个办事处,聘请销售代理.


The license will allow you to represent brokers in a vast area of real estate activities; Examples: 龙8国际娱乐官 sales, 商业地产, 产业属性, 租赁, 物业管理, 细分属性, 按揭贷款经纪, business opportunity sales, 等.

How difficult is it to find work after I received my license?

通常不是 difficult at all. 你会发现大多数经纪公司一直在寻找新的经纪人. 事实上, 一旦你申请参加国家考试,你的名字就会被列入一个由许多公司订阅的公开名单. 在结果, we have found that most of our students receive letters from many of the major franchises asking them to come in for an interview.


销售代理s normally work on a commission basis. The standard commission on the sale of a home is 6%. 初级销售代理通常与他们的经纪人平分佣金. 在这一领域工作的销售代理可以赚到很少的钱,也可以赚到数百万! It’s ultimately up to you. 无论你是谁或你的背景,都有无限的机会赚取收入. 龙8国际娱乐官估计销售代理的平均年收入可能在3万到5万美元之间.


Each state has its own license requirements; therefore, it would be necessary to contact the state where you are interested in being licensed in order to determine their requirements. 有时,一个州可能会接受你在加州的一些房地产教育. 通常不是!

What are the requirements to take the State Exam?

You must be 18 years of age. Anyone with a criminal record may not be eligible. You will need to contact the Department of Real Estate for more details

How much time is needed to prepare for the state exam?



NO 需要担保人.

What is the passing grade for the State Exam?

销售代理: 通过率为70%. 150 multiple choice questions.  One session for a total 3 hours to take the test.

经纪公司: The passing grade is 75%. 200 multiple choice questions. One session for a total of 4 hours to take the test.


销售代理执照: To take State Exam: $60, Fingerprinting: $51, License $245.

代理许可证:  To take State Exam $95, Fingerprinting: $51, License $300.


Department of Real Estate (877) 373-4542